Free shipping and returns on all orders above $100

Shipping Policy

You will receive the item within 15 – 18 business days after placing orders. Below is our shipping policy. We suggest that you should read it carefully to have a deep understanding.
1. It usually takes about 6-8 business days to prepare and pack the items and there may be some delays during the peak shopping season.
2. There is a difference in shipping time between countries. The delivery time will take 15-18 days as a flat shipping method.
As you know, you have a tracking number, but they have not yet shipped. To explain this case, the carrier has accepted your order but has not yet processed it. I would appreciate your patience. We make sure that your wait is worth it. The package you expect will be delivered to you.
The shipment may take more than 3-5 days in some cases due to peak season. We appreciate your sympathy. Your shipment will be expedited as soon as possible. Shoes and bags will take more time to prepare.


How can you track delivery?
The automatic tracking code will be emailed to you when you order after a few days. We will ship your order in many different forms.
Please check at the links:
* FedEx tracking:
* DHL Global tracking:
* USPS tracking:
Note: In the case, the time has passed but the tracking code has not been reported yet. Please contact us immediately via email : [email protected]
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